DiaRemedium, a natural herbal remedy for diabetes

In Germany, diabetes is becoming a widespread disease in medicine in all age groups. A purely herbal remedy can counteract both types of diabetes. A patch based on the DiaRemedium ingredients gradually leads to an improvement of the disease . The blood sugar levels are lowered and thereby also the resulting symptoms and effects.

What is DiaRemedium?

The product is a patch that is applied on the sole of the foot. It ensures that the diabetes is improved or even completely disappears. The DiaRemedium ingredients are purely herbal and regulate blood sugar levels with natural, plant-based ingredients. The ill person may again in normal life to participate , because the concern about the blood sugar is no longer acute. According to the manufacturer offers the means:

diaremedium ingredients
  • a stabilization of blood sugar
  • the opportunity for ordinary life with normal food
  • natural ingredients that do not pollute the liver
  • a 96 percent chance of getting rid of the gangrene risk forever.

Diabetes is a disease of the metabolism that can have various causes. These include too much weight, age or an unhealthy way of life. Also different environmental influences can contribute to the fact that the illness gets worse. In diabetes , the body can not process sugar recorded correctly, making digestion is disturbed, as is the whole metabolism and also inflammation in the body may occur. The patch is composed of various natural ingredients known from traditional Chinese medicine. They promote metabolism and prevent other health problems as a result of diabetes in the long run.

Why is the plaster so popular?

Patients with high blood sugar appreciate the patch because of its simple application. The ingredients cause a healing process that is different in each person. They take care of every aspect of the disease process . Already after three weeks, diabetes type 1 and 2 can be significantly improved. In the case of people with high blood sugar, a daily intake of medication is usually on the agenda in medicine . These are usually chemical preparations with many side effects and long-term effects. The application of the DiaRemedium patchhowever, it is very simple and the manufacturer promises a cure for the disease. The plaster is reusable, quick to install and also easy to remove. This is evidenced by the experience of different users and clinical studies.

How does the DiaRemedium patch work?

The plaster is very easy to use and can be installed without any problems in everyday life. The DiaRemedium ingredients, which are purely herbal, provide a good condition to cure both types of diabetes . The patch is on the sole of the foot attached and its herbal ingredients regulate blood sugar. The active ingredients are absorbed through the bloodstream and used specifically in the body. The effect of the patch improves and prevents short breath, feelings of numbness, disturbances of memory and increased urinary frequency. 
In order for the result to be improved, the glued plaster should be rubbed in for one to two minutes. It should be at leastbe worn for eight hours. After that, it can be easily removed again. The herbal mixture enters the bloodstream quickly and easily through the skin without leaving any traces .

Where can DiaRemedium plasters be bought?

If you want to buy DiaRemedium, you can only refer to it via the manufacturer on its homepage. The manufacturer often offers special offers and other benefits on this page. These benefits include a free home delivery. He also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if he is not satisfied. Payment by cash on delivery without risk and without advance payment.

diaremedium ingredients

Is there already experience to the drug?

The DiaRemedium preparation is based on experience of Chinese medicine with the medicinal herbs used. It was tested in more than one DiaRemedium test and in various studies before the market access was made. It is considered by many customers reported that were healed after four weeks of application. In Chinese medicine, the ingredients of the DiaRemedium supplement have long been used to initiate the repair mechanisms and self-healing powers of the body.

General DiaRemedium test

“Ms. Total” did a DiaRemedium test, which lasted for a total of eight weeks . During this time the participants of the test reported on their experience and the changes that they experienced through the DiaRemedium effect. Most said after the first week that they were enthusiastic about the easy application of the adhesive plaster. In the second and third week they noticed first changes. The accompanying symptoms ofthe disease subsided. Improved in the second monththe state of health became more and more and the typical symptoms subsided, that is, among other things, the blood sugar was lowered significantly. At the end of the test, the participants wrote that they would like to recommend the product thanks to a largely positive experience and would like to continue their treatment themselves . The application was simple, it was well tolerated and had a good effect. Their quality of life had generally improved and blood sugar was lowered significantly.

Further general DiaRemedium experiences

The reports that can be found on the Internet about the product mainly report positive experience. The users found the application of the product as pleasant and felt a DiaRemedium effect after a short time . The product is recommended by many . The users advised to use the product over a longer period of time , so that the Diaremedium effect can be released.

What is the price of the product?

One box of the remedy contains five reusable herbal patches . If you want to buy DiaRemedium, you will find different tiered prices as follows:

  • 1 box: 39,00 Euro
  • 2 boxes (1 box for free): 57,00 Euro
  • 3 boxes (2 boxes for free): 89,00 Euro

On the homepage of the manufacturer you will find constantly new offers, where you can save a lot. These offerings are particularly useful if you want to buy Diaremedium because you want to perform several treatment cycles .

diaremedium ingredients

For whom is the DiaRemedium funding suitable?

The organic remedy is suitable for all diabetics. It does not matter how long the disease already exists or how old the patient is. All diabetics can benefit from the natural active ingredients of the remedy. It allows them to lead a normal life without having to constantly think about the disease . The remedy is based on herbal ingredients known from traditional Chinese medicine.

How can a DiaRemedium application be carried out?

The DiaRemedium remedy is a type of adhesive plaster that makes a DiaRemedium application easy. The DiaRemedium application is as follows:

diaremedium ingredients
  • First, the foot is cleaned and dried.
  • Then the package is opened and the film removed to protect the contents.
  • The adhesive plaster is glued to the sole of the foot and rubbed in a bit.
  • The adhesive bandage is worn for 8 hours each for 3 to 4 days and can then be easily removed.
  • After removal, the application site is cleaned with warm water.

An application cycle lasts 24 days. As a result of the reusability of the adhesive plaster, one package is generally sufficient for one treatment cycle. The active ingredients are absorbed by the sole of the foot through the skin directly into the bloodstream. To ensure penetration into the skin and into the blood stream, it is important that the plaster is rubbed for one to two minutes after application. For good results, 2 to 3 treatment cycles are recommended.

Unlike usual practice in medicine, the product does not need to be injected or swallowed. It simply adheres to the sole of the foot and can be removed after eight hours. The effect starts immediately. The remedy can be used anywhere. The blood sugar is purely plant-regulated without side effects.

diaremedium ingredients

Which ingredients does the patch contain?

In order to lower blood sugar effectively, the preparation needs effective and well-coordinated active ingredients. This requires experience and the right recipe. This is based on experience from traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the interaction of the different substances, the blood sugar is regulated purely by plants.

The following plants give the plaster its effect and are optimal for the treatment of high blood sugar and its consequences:

Angelica Sinsensis (Chinese angelica)
The Chinese angelica or the so-called “female ginseng” is used by the Chinese in high blood sugar, high blood pressure and in infections and inflammations. He has been used medically for millennia. 
Radix Pueraria
These are isoflavones from the root of the pueraria plant. Isoflavone is used for diarrhea, dysentery, insensibility and cardiovascular diseases. 
Lycium barbarum
Lycium barbarum, also called goji berry, has an antioxidant effect and is used to combat free radicals. It minimizes cell damage and prevents health problems. The aging process is reduced and, in addition, the berry removes toxins from the human organism. The effect of goji berry has been proven by studies and is very useful in the fight against high blood sugar. 
Radix Paeoniae Rubra
Radix Paeoniae Rubra is known for fighting high blood sugar. It supports and relieves the liver and kidneys. 
Radix Rehmanniae
Radix Rehmanniae consists of six plant species from China used against arthritis. They also relieve diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases and numbness.

Advantages and disadvantages of DiaRemedium adhesive plaster


  • The preparation is purely herbal and helps the body to regulate hormonal balance.
  • It strengthens the walls of the blood vessels.
  • It normalizes the blood pressure.
  • It strengthens the heart.
  • It lowers the cholesterol level.
  • It has no harmful effect on the body as it is purely herbal.
  • It is based on millennia-old experience from traditional Chinese medicine.
  • The application is very simple, as the adhesive plaster is only glued on and can be easily removed after eight hours of effect.
  • The drug should provide long-lasting results.
  • It is provided with a quality certificate.
  • Since it is purely herbal, it does not damage the stomach, intestines, kidneys or liver.
  • It also treats the accompanying symptoms of diabetes.


  • It can only be ordered on the internet .


The treatment with the adhesive plaster is much more pleasant than the injection of insulin. The adhesive plaster is easy to stick and can be easily removed and reused after the application time. The treatment with this product is based on thousands of years old medical knowledge from China. The blood sugar level is regulated in a natural, herbal way. The effect of the drug is permanent and allows the patients to live a normal life with normal food.